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Greetings and welcome to my channel! My name is MoosDalai and I do Minecraft videos. I play mainly on multiplayer survival servers such as bloXCentric and my own MoosCraft. You can watch what I do there in my Let's Play series. Besides that I also like ot show some of my rather technical creations in little tutorials and enjoy reviewing the snapshots in my Minecraft Preview series. I do all of that from home in Germany. Everything I can is learned by myself in long lonely hours. I work hard to improve my videos whenever I can to deliver content worth watching for YOU! Join me and help me to get better in creating content you want to see! - MoosDalai

Recent blog posts written by MoosDalai

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E21 Swimming Sheep (Season 2)

It is time to do some things at the Whiteboard again. This time we are going to build a sheep farm to provide all the types of colourful wool we’ll ever need for great pieces of art!

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E20 Traps + Prank (Season 2)

I got pranked by Dro! He placed a lot of really good redstone traps around my base to proove a point. Decide on your own if he made it clear or not!

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E19 Overgrown (Season 2)

It is time to pretty up our central point in our base. It looks a bit empty at the moment, so we fill it with life!

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E18 Colours of the Rainbow (Season 2)

In this episode we are going to prepare one of the next bigger projects.

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E17

It is time to get some progress done in my base! In this episode we’ll start building the storage room. I hope you enjoy and please leave your suggestions in the comments!

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E16 NightMan Returns (Season 2)

This episode we are working again in the Museum. The first room we build will be one to honour bloXCentric – Season 1 and especially it’s fantastic ending. Some exhibits in this room seem to be more realistic than they should be.

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E15 Breaking News + Prank (Season 2)

Part of the multiplayer action on bloXCentric is pranking and in the last week I received two very good ones! In this episode we’ll have a look at both of them. I hope you enjoy!

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E14 Enemy of State (Season 2)

This episode contains everything! A huge new project, magic, time travel, an enemy, dealership, hidden messages, not so well hidden messages and complete madness! Enjoy my 100th video.

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E13 Morning After (Season 2)

Every other episode I want to work a little bit towards the bloXCentric Museum I started to build in episode 11. This time I will prepare an area where people can create their very own customized paintings!

MoosDalai on bloXCentric – E12 The Highlander Has Fallen (Season 2)

The Highlander Games begin, Dro gets a server tour, we start building the Nether Station and the impossible finally happens after twelve long episodes!