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Recent blog posts written by jic317

Minecraft — bloXCentric — Season 2 – Ep 2 — Minecon and a Ghetto Gold Farm!

Getting back into the swing of things!  Apologize now for this episode it’s very clippy as some was pre Minecon and some afterwards. Working on my video schedule now and should have a channel video update soon! Follow me on Twitter, https://twitter.com/jic317  

Minecraft — bloXCentric — Season 2 – Ep 1 — We are back!

Check out the first episode of Season 2!  Season 1 ending was a blast to put together, I hope you all enjoyed the storyline. Let me know what you think, I have a new mic and I believe my sound quality it 100 times better now!

Minecraft — bloXCentric — Ep 8 — Exodus

Just a quick conclusion to the quartz madness that has been running rampant on the server!

Minecraft — bloXCentric — Ep 7 — Infected Quartz is bad..Mmmm K

Today we learn that the new quartz infection SUCKS!

Minecraft — bloXCentric — Ep 6 — I’m back! & New Members!

I am back from spontaneous vacation and we have some new members…lets check out their spawn houses and other improvements to the server!

Minecraft — BloXCentric — Ep 5 — All My Quartz Belongs to MOOS

With the recent setup of the MOOS at spawn, I felt compelled to deposit all my quartz to the cause…I don’t want to bring any sickness to me or my surroundings. But I couldn’t just put it in the chest, I had to have some fun with it! MoosDalai’s reaction:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyMn0XF82qY ****If you are watching […]

Sample Blog Post!

This is my blog message!

Minecraft — BloXCentric — Ep 4 — 50+ Subscriber Special!

Wow…you guys are awesome!…I hit 50 subs very fast after that last episode and even more…at the time of recording this I was at 57 or 58…just wow! This is just a quick special episode with a fun build.  I did most of it off camera because it took quite a bit of time, but […]

Minecraft — BloXCentric — Ep 3 — Spawn Tour and Future Plans

We are back from vacation with episode 3 on the BloXCentric server!  The server is growing and spawn area is thriving…this episode I take you through spawn area for those that haven’t seen it on other videos. Then we talk about future plans for the cave base and get the first glimpse of the new […]

Minecraft — BloXCentric — Ep 2 — Spawn House

We are back with episode 2 on the BloXCentric server!  Before we can start getting into big plans, we have to build a spawn house… So I hope you all enjoy this video of the construction of my spawn house!