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Recent blog posts written by Electronics

bloXCentric SMP – S02E08 Base Expansion!

—————————————-­– Twitter: https://twitter.com/electronics111 —– bloXCentric links and additional information —– Official website: http://www.bloXCentric.com/ Other Channels! http://youtube.com/bloXCentric bloXCentric G+ Community: http://goo.gl/JW31HL bloXCentric Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/bloXCentric/ bloXCentric is a private, whitelisted, vanilla, survival, multiplayer server started in january 2013 for video recording and streaming purposes. The only way to join is getting invited, we are not accepting applications. […]

bloXCentric SMP – S02E07 Potions. Oh and an Enderman Farm!

We start on the fancy automated, intelligent brewing system and then make an Endfarm with Brindy and Drakkart for the server!

bloXCentric SMP – S02E06 Secret Santa Christmas Special!

We had a secret santa on the bloXCentric server so here’s the opening of my present! This was a little bit of a rush as my main computer died so I had to render this on the laptop so hopefully the video looks ok! Next Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=fUZo0aFwY3k#t=43 Music provided by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod – […]

bloXCentric SMP – S02E05 Magical Lights and Livestreams!

I work on putting in the magical lighting system that turns on as you walk through the door with 0 visible redstone and 0 pressure plates or tripwires. Also, bloXCentric were on Graphoniac’s livestream so I included some clips from that!

bloXCentric SMP – S02E04 Bank Planning

Oops! This one was a little late as my computer has been suffering from Blue Screens of Deaths Poor computer!

bloXCentric SMP – S02E03 Über Base

I kill the first wither on the server so we can mine out my base faster and start work on actually building some of the base!

bloXCentric SMP – S02E02 Small Automatic Potion Brewing System!

!!WARNING!! This episode contains a lot of REDSTONE! Today we worked on putting in a small potion brewing system into my spawn house to brew health potions and another (at the moment, speed potions).

bloXCentric SMP – S02E01 Season 2!

Season 2 has started on the bloXCentric server! In this video, I start by making my spawn house and start adding some automation. In the next episode, I’ll be starting on an automatic potion brewing system!

bloXCentric SMP – S01E04 Season 1 Finale!

bloXCentric SMP – S01E02 Pranking Vixxie!

Brindeelow and I team up and prank vixxie and her horses. Vixxie’s Reaction:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1fr0iNAZI8 Brindeelow’s Channel: http://www.youtube.com/brindeelow