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Recent blog posts written by dro

Spawn Makeover – dro on bloXCentric #08

Today we are redoing the farm area at spawn! It used to be a total mess before, but now it is all nice and pretty! Minecraft Myth Busting: Growing Crops in Rows

The Beginning of Something – dro on bloXCentric #06

We build the first building in our new home! It’s a high observation tower that overlooks the whole area! I try a different method of recording today. Let me know what you think about it!

Underwater Minefield – dro on bloXCentric #05

Who are we pranking today? MoosDalai! And why? Well … watch the video!

Colours Make Things Awesome – dro on BloXCentric #04

We spend another episode on the spawn house and it is really coming together! I use some cool ideas that I haven’t even thought I would be able to come up with. That previous sentence doesn’t sound right, but it probably is. Wait … is it? Anyways, I shouldn’t debate my grammar in the descriptions […]

Spawn House, First Floor – dro on bloXCentric #03

Today we begin working on the house in the spawn village! I have found a neat spot but I ran into some difficulties …

Pranking Brindeelow! – dro on bloXCentric #02

Today is special. I have played Minecraft for exactly two years! So we play a prank Brindeelow and tease him a bit.

The Highlander Games and Spawn Village – dro on bloXCentric #01

We are doing a number of things today: I introduce to you a neat LP concept, we sign up for the Highlander Games and then MoosDalai takes us on a tour around the spawn village! I hope you enjoy!