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Hello peeps, drakkart here... Wether i welcome you to a new bloXCentric episode or anything else i make sure my stuff is well researched and edited to the interesting passages without leaving anything important out. Enjoy!

Recent blog posts written by Drakkart

Drakkarts let’s play on bloXCentric #4 securing our borders and heading for new horizons

After preserving our villages survival we venture off to new lands… So i show you a bridge to cross the river near my pavillion, at the end i placed a gatetower, and then we finally grab the rest of our stuff and venture off to our new home. A witchhut Yay! I tell you what […]

Drakkarts let’s play on bloXCentric #3 skeleton / xp farm and updaes on the village

So while caving we found a skeleton spawner, and in this episode i turn it into a skeli xp farm. also i show you around what is new to our little starting town… i really like my asian styled boat dock, it does not loook like much but it really stands out Enjoy bloXCentric is […]

Drakkarts let’s play on bloXCentric #2 startertown asian pavillion and updates

So finally i also finished my home in the starting village, it turned out being a asian styled shrine or pavillion… it kind of begged me for freeing it of its walls so i just did the whole woodwork/frames with care as if actual trees would be used and added the roofs. i show you […]

Drakkarts let’s play on bloXCentric #1 i keep hitting the respawn button

So in this first episode we do a little talky, a lot of laughy, and a load of hitting the respawn button… just caving and farming materials n stuff. We had a lot of fun and hope we managed to be entertaining… so actually we are not quite sure what to build on our selected […]