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Hey guys, I'm Brindeelow and, funnily enough, I do YouTube videos! Some of which are on Minecraft, and some of those are on the bloXCentric server! I hope you enjoy them, a lot of work goes into them!

Recent blog posts written by Brindeelow

Minecraft on bloXCentric server #4 – Quartz Calamity

Today we catch up with life on the bloXCentric server and things aren’t quite as they used to be… Also starring the first episode of ‘XC News’

Minecraft on bloXCentric server #3 – Pranking Vixxie

In this video, Electronics and I make a little prank for Vixxie!

Minecraft on bloXCentric server #2 – Just like Christmas!

I give a little gift to Vixxie in return for a lovely welcome present and receive a few interesting things in the post!

Minecraft on bloXCentric server #1 – The English way

I start my first episode on the bloXCentric server where I build my spawn house and add a little postage upgrade! Old Faithful texture pack: